IK Systems, Inc. is a world-class surveillance and security systems integrator. With over 20 years of surveillance and security systems integration experience, we know how to deliver the solution you need to feel secure. The systems we design and the equipment we integrate are state-of-the-art. Our systems meet all of today's advanced security challenges facing you. We understand you need a technologically advanced, integrated system at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality. With IK Systems, you rest easy knowing you have a professional systems integrator capable of delivering and servicing the best that surveillance and security has to offer.

You work hard to keep your customers satisfied. Shouldn’t your security company work hard for you?

You’ve worked hard to stand out from the crowd. Why should your security system be like everyone elses?

IK Systems is your security partner. Our professionally trained technical team is always there for you. Let us show you how our integrated surveillance, security, and loss prevention expertise can help reduce your operating costs.

Whether it's a single camera, a basic alarm, or a large scale distributed enterprise digital recording system, IK Systems has the solution for you. Let us show you how our systems integration capability can improve your communication.

IK Systems’ mission is to make America a safer place:

  • Listen to our customers’ needs more>
  • Understand our customers’ business objectives more>
  • Offer our customers innovative technological solutions more>
  • Provide our customers with unparalleled customer service more>
  • Instill within our employees’ a willingness to provide more>

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