IK Systems History

IK Systems, founded in 1986 by Melkon H. Babigian, has grown steadily since its beginning as a retailer of an innovative lock system called Insta-Key. Babigian realized early on that customers did not want just a lock or locking system; they wanted a security professional. They needed a partner capable of listening to and interpreting their specific needs – a partner that consistently delivered a quality system on time and at a fair price.

Locking systems were just the beginning at IK Systems. In 1986, security was less technical and more common sense (installing a lock on a door kept people out). Back then, there were fewer security risks because people were less stressed and less guarded. Cameras and access control systems were used extensively only by a handful of Fortune 500 companies, the government, the military, and prisons. This advanced security equipment was priced out of reach for many businesses. Because of these obstacles, we took the time to understand our customers’ requirements and focused on developing innovative solutions at affordable prices for our customers throughout the state of New York.

Technological advances have naturally changed the security and surveillance industry. Today, information moves across traditional boundaries in the blink of an eye. Sophisticated, integrated networks can handle infinite transactions in less than a nanosecond. Many companies across a wide range of industries, from financial to entertainment and gaming, manufacturing to retail, and corporate to commercial, rely on today’s advanced technologies to maintain their daily operations. IK Systems helps every unique customer by integrating state-of-the-art security systems into their technology infrastructure, providing the needed cohesiveness.


From 1986 to the present day, IK Systems has a history as a security surveillance systems integrator and partner to companies in numerous industries.