Place your Trust in IK Systems

As a surveillance and security systems integrator, IK Systems designs, implements, and services your security-communication systems and equipment. We provide the latest technologies in closed circuit television, enterprise level digital recording systems, localized and networked access control systems, locking systems, and emergency voice, intrusion, and fire detection systems.

Depend on Our Superior Industry Experience

Our services depend on an evaluation of your individual needs. Our industry experience spans commercial, retail, industrial process monitoring, government, and military. We hold licenses in various states to provide, install, and service surveillance and security equipment for the gaming industry.

Rely on Our Superior Technical Team

We provide you with access to a top-notch technical team, factory trained by the best and the brightest: Microsoft, CISCO, Loronix, American Dynamics, Pelco, Software House, and Identicard, just to name a few. Our team is ready to solve your every problem, whether it requires an onsite Microsoft Certified Professional, a complete system integration with management of all trades, or a simple quick fix over the telephone.

Don't Just Read It...

Experience it for yourself! Call 1.800.800.6869 to speak to a sales representative about what IK Systems can do for you.